F.I.A. manifolds with side exit system


“ The product and fit were exceptional”
highly satisfied customer on his big bore system.

“ Exhaust is on and to say I am pleased is an understatement.
Ken Jenkins talked about the quality but I was really only listening to the sound!”

Customer’s comments on his 4.2 e type cast system.

“Ian, thanks for the superb job on the xkss. It fits perfectly, with no stress in the mountings , all the more remarkable as you did it without having the car. The sound is a glorious deep roar.
The other two e-type systems from you,which I have fitted to customer’s cars, have been equally impressive in terms of quality, fit, finish, mounting adjustment and sound. Absolutely spot on.”

Customer’s comments on multiple custom and e-type systems.

“Hi Ian the exhaust is fitted to my e type it is a perfect thing it is a wonderful sound and a joy to drive her you did a great job Thank you very much Heinz.”
German customer’s comments on his 4.2 e type cast system.


“Hello Ian the exhaust for my mk2 is now on the car and it really superb. Jean-Claude.”
French customer’s comments on his mk2 system.


“Good morning Ian I went for a long drive with the e type I am really pleased with the exhaust soft sound and mainly no droning just what I was really looking for Thanks again Thierry.”
Australian customer’s comments on his 3.8 cast system.


“Hi Ian We have just finished our first event with the car last week I am very happy with the exhaust great great sound !” Johan
Customer’s comments on his e type fia race system.


“The exhaust is performing brilliantly Thank you it looks good and sounds wonderful.” Barry
Customer’s comments on our FIA ceramic coated manifold with big bore system for 3.8 fast road car.


“Iain, the exhaust is wonderful the car runs a lot smoother with a lovely bark. I just smiled all the way home cross country fantastic and thank you.” David
Customer’s comments on his tubular manifold and big bore system in s.steel.